1) Unscrew the central screw in the film counter dial and take out the dial and the dial spring.

2) Unscrew the plate by means of applying (e.g.) a pair of pointed tweezers in the two holes and turn CW (!), at the same time securing the lower end of the film spool holder with a screw driver to prevent the plate from freely turning. After the plate is removed the complete film spool holder plus gearwheel can be pulled out.

3) The film wind lever can now be taken off by untwisting the three screws. Take care: when you do this without securing the spring, it will completely unwind.  This is not a disaster but means more work during reassembly (*).  The spring can be secured by inserting a needle in the ‘free’ hole after slightly turning the film wind lever.  The needle should stay in place during the rest of the operations until reassembly. (**)


(*) When this happened, during reassembly take care that the spring is wound rather firmly and rests within its own space in the gearwheel.  It must not ‘spill over’ to the lower level as it should not block the motion of the spring below.  If this happens the wind lever will not return to its base position after reassembly.

(**) When you decide to take the disassemly further and to take off the gearwheel that transfers the motion of the wind lever to the smaller gearwheel next on the body, take care that it is replaced afterwards in the same position as it was taken off, otherwise you risk finding yourself with a two-stroke film wind lever instead of the one-stroke as it should be. 


JW de Leeuw / January 2004.